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Museum Quality Hand Made Oil Painting From Your Photo !

Convert Your Photos To Museum Quality Oil Painting?

Looking for perfect gifts? Like to own an imposing oil painting in your office? Like to make your most memorable moment to be romantic? Want your children to enjoy your wedding photo as an oil painting? Like to turn your photo into an oil painting for your family? Come, let our artists with over 20 years experience convert your photo into a painting to be be the centerpiece of any living room or office. Or bring out tears of joy in the eyes of the receiving party.


Size (inch)
12 X 16
16 X 20
20 X 24
24 X 36
36 X 48
Size (cm)
30 X 40
40 X 50
50 X 60
60 X 90
90 X 120

These are popular sizes. If you have your favorite size, just let us know. Extra 30% charged for every additional person on painting or for a complicated background.

Step 1: Choose your sizes and subjects:
If you prefer a size that is not listed above or need to fit more people onto a smaller artwork size, please email your requests to
Step 2  : Send your photos to us.
Please send your photos to us via email.
Step 3 : Provide any special instructions to our artists :
That's it. After receiving your photos and your requirement, we will send you our proposal and quotation. We will start work once your confirmation and payment has been received.

We can paint for you any famous painting or turn any photo into an oil painting. Just send us your request by email or any other ways. We not only can paint from any photo but also change any existing painting or photograph as per your instructions. We can add your portrait into a painting or into any style, change a painting to fit your colors and much more. Do not ask if we can do this or that - because the answer will always be "yes". So please email us and let us know what you desire and we will get back to you within a few minutes. It is the best gift for your beloved, kids, family reunion, wedding ceremony, birthday, graduation, etc.

Why You Choose Us?

  • Hand painted oil painting on canvas by our talented professional artists.
  • Custom made paintings by request!
  • We guarantee that we supply high quality oil painting at lowest price.
  • A tracking page for you to follow the progress of your custom portrait from order submission through to shipping.
  • You can order ANY painting in ANY size. As per your request. 
  • We already have hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • Hand Painted Portraits, lowest price with the best value guarantee !

Instock Oil Painting
Battle & War
Fat Person
Paris Street
Still Life
Famous Artist

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